Owner Information

The information below will give you a brief overview of our company and an outline of our management service. If you have any specific questions or requests do not hesitate to contact us or come into our office at any stage. We are flexible in our approach, and in practice, to wherever possible meet your needs should they differ from our standard operating procedures. Our office location, experienced team and company profile ensure that we are well situated to attract and secure our intended market in prospective tenants, and in doing so; we keep vacancy rates to a minimum therefore maximising your rental income potential.

Management Appraisal

We offer a free rental appraisal service for your property by appointment with our experienced Property Managers and on request we can provide you with an information pack and appraisal letter if required.

Benefits in Choosing Us

  • Extensive local knowledge & experience in property management
  • A proven long track record of successfully managing investment properties
  • Large property portfolio and massive existing tenant base
  • Fully computerised offices, management and accounting systems
  • Telephone answering services for after hours message support
  • National RentCard payment system
  • Member newsletter and information services
  • Experienced and professional team committed to providing quality service
  • Excellent client relationships promoting favourable results and co-operation
  • Prompt response rates and direct access with our staff
  • After hours support with your Property Managers via mobile telephone
  • Effective marketing and letting of your property minimising vacancy periods
  • Supervised viewings with prospective tenants (no key deposits)
  • Thorough evaluation of applications including multiple National Database checks
  • Detailed condition reports to protect your property and prevent disputes
  • Effective daily rent monitoring and management system
  • Regular general inspections to protect your property and keep you informed
  • Efficient repair and maintenance system utilising experienced tradespeople
  • Regular rent reviews and communication with you

Property Letting

We offer free marketing of your property using our office displays and handouts, for lease signage erected at your property unless not desired and Internet web sites including:

  • Huxley & Partners Web Site
  • EAC Web Site ( realestateworld.com.au )
  • Real Estate ( realestate.com.au )
  • All Homes ( allhomes.com.au )
  • Wollongong University Accommodation

We can also advertise your available property in the Illawarra Mercury Newspaper if desired (optional at cost).

Any enquiry for your property is booked with our property managers to show the prospective tenant through the property – we do not hand out keys to prospective tenants. By having a policy of viewings with a property manager it gives us the opportunity to more thoroughly assess the prospective tenant, explain any special conditions and also check property security.

When an application is made we verify the details to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. Standard checks we perform include: 

  • Personal identification details and references;
  • Current/Previous tenancy history and references;
  • Employment verification check;
  • National Database checks;

Huxley & Partners Real Estate is a member of comprehensive Tenancy Checking & Listing Associations. These associations record past tenants wherever a problem occurred that remains unresolved, for example, rent debt owing or property damage debt. By utilising these systems, as well as our normal procedures for checking an application, we can minimise the risk of problem tenancies.

We will contact you for final confirmation of pre-selected applications. If you do not wish to be part of the final approval process we can make this decision on your behalf.

Security Management

At the start of a new management we will ask for at least one full set of keys. It is important that we keep a master set of keys at our office always for numerous reasons including in cases of emergency or access in the absence of the tenant for maintenance and/or inspections. If you do not wish to keep a set of keys yourself then rest assured you can always use the set at our office in accordance with industry regulations if the need arises.

By law we are required to give each person signing the lease a full set of keys. In the majority of cases there are normally two persons signing the lease, therefore we require 3 full sets of keys on average. We can cut any additional keys required on your behalf if you are only able to supply one set initially.

When keys and controllers are supplied to the tenants at the start of a tenancy we record such details and at the end of a tenancy ensure all items supplied are returned.

It is important that all windows and doors are secure. If any new locks are added or the existing locks are changed we obtain the new keys and add them to our master set.

Note that it is not necessary for our office to have a master remote control for automatic gates or garage doors. It is recommended that any double auto garage door be supplied with 2 remote control units (one for each person/car).

If an alarm system is installed at the property we request the master code and instructions on setting the alarm and user codes. We will normally change the user code for each new tenancy and advise the tenant of this code. We do not advise the tenant of the master code so that we are able to gain emergency access and also reset the user code for the next tenant.


Prior to each new tenancy, we prepare a concise report and description as to the condition of each room in the property and any inclusions. The tenant receives a copy of this report, may add additional comments and must return a copy to our office within 7 days of starting the lease. The original report and the report returned by the tenant are both then used at the end of a tenancy to ensure the property is returned in the same condition, fair wear and tear accepted.

Landlord's and our Agents are permitted by law to inspect the property at any stage with the tenant's prior approval and on demand up to 4 times per 12 month period on giving 7 days notice to the tenant. Normally we conduct the first inspection within 3 months and then every 6 months thereafter, provided that previous inspections were satisfactory. After each routine inspection we will present you with a property condition report along with any recommendations.

If the tenant has a request or reports a repair that may be required we will advise you. If necessary we will inspect the property first. Sometimes we find that the tenant simply did not know how to use an inclusion or a device needs to be reset and by inspecting ourselves as necessary we eliminate wasting your time and money on tradespersons where the solution is user serviceable.

Wherever possible we will conduct a pre vacating inspection once a tenant gives notice to vacate the property in order to ascertain the condition before the end of lease and advise the tenant of any specific requirements. We will also provide you with any maintenance recommendations allowing us both time to plan and organise any work and minimise downtime.

When a tenant vacates we carry out a thorough inspection of the premises and compare this with the original condition report at the start of the tenancy. If the condition differs then the matter is rectified at the expense of the tenant. If necessary, reasonable and justified the tenants bond may be used to perform any rectification work. In most cases the tenant is given an opportunity to rectify the problem promptly themselves before proceeding to claim on the bond, for example, if the property is not left as clean as they were given it then we will ask them to return and perform additional cleaning in a reasonable amount of time that will not hinder the letting process, otherwise we will engage our professional cleaners at their expense.

Maintenance & Repairs

An integral part of property management is an efficient repair and maintenance system when the need arises. We have a team of contractors with whom we have negotiated a minimum response time. Of course if you prefer your own tradesperson  we are happy to work with your requirements.

Normally the tenant reports a repair or problem to us, however, during our inspections we may also notice matters that are in need of attention and make recommendations to you.

As soon as the repair is reported to us we will contact you to discuss the matter. Once we have spoken with you then we will follow up your requests, make any access arrangements for you and book in the appropriate tradesperson to attend to the matter if necessary.

We contact you as a matter of courtesy, to keep you informed of the property’s events, and allow for decisions on each individual matter. If you do not wish to be part of the decision process we are confident to make any necessary repairs on your behalf.

Note that by law as agents and owner we are both required to ensure the property is safe and in good order taking into consideration the age of the property. We pro actively work to protect you the owner from any liability and the tenant from any risk and in doing so may make recommendations to you in relation to maintenance.


Our office uses sophisticated computer software for property management and in particular receipting, reporting and accounting. This is continually being upgraded as necessary. Tenants can pay their rent by:

  • DEFT Payment System’ incorporating:
    • Internet or Telephone Payments
    • From Savings Accounts
    • From Credit Card Accounts
  • Cash or cheques direct to the office;
  • Posting cheques or money orders to our office.

Banking is carried out every day and the money credited to the owner’s computer ledger. Funds are credited directly to your account twice per month via electronic funds transfer or cheque if prefferred. On the last working day of each month our accounting to the owner is carried out, at which stage any accounts are paid and statements distributed. The statement should be received by the first or second day of the following month. In the event any deductions have been made on your behalf we enclose a copy of each account for your records. At the end of each financial year we enclose a free 12-month summary for your tax purposes.